TERA’s next update arrives on August 9th

A big update, and me without any pants.
A new TERA update is hitting the live servers tomorrow after server maintenance, but you’re going to have to experience it alone. Sure, you can talk to other people about it, but the centerpiece of the update is the solo Castle Aranea instance. That means it’s all going to be on you; they don’t call it a solo instance because you can bring other people with you, after all.

The update is also expanding the available flying zones for players, allowing flying mounts to soar in the skies above Southern Shara while cackling maniacally at players still stuck on the ground. It’s also going to include the usual bugfixes and minor quality-of-life improvements you’d expect to see with any patch. So saddle up and get ready to try out the update following server maintenance tomorrow.

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