Fallout 76 preps the PTS for summer’s Test Your Metal update

Fallout 76 fans, get your testing boots on, or at least stash them in a convenient place by the door: Bethsoft is about to...

Interview: Talking Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons’ soundtrack with lead composer Maclaine Diemer

Maclaine Diemer is the long-time lead composer for Guild Wars 2, with soundtrack credits going as far back as the very first Living World...

SUN Classic pre-pregistration website goes up ahead of its March launch

Are you ready to go back to Soul of the Ultimate Nation? Or more likely, engage with the MMO for the very first time?...

Aliens, events, and The Pitt: MassivelyOP interview with Fallout 76’s Mark Tucker

Four years into the wasteland, and Fallout 76 isn't slowing down one bit. With Bethesda committing to several updates over the course of 2022,...
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Camelot Unchained tweaks its melee ability tree and the heavy fighter as part of ‘Melee 2.0’

The melee combat in Camelot Unchained is about to get a change according to the February dev update, which is part of what's being...

Steam’s Gabe Newell cautions players against ‘sketchy’ NFT operators

The raging debate over NFTs and their place in video gaming doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. And while some studios are...
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Vague Patch Notes: Lore is not an excuse for bad MMO design decisions

In a previous column, I wrote about how gender-locking classes is bad. This is because it is bad. It is bad in all conceivable...
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World of Warcraft designers talk storytelling in Shadowlands without saying much

Are you wondering why it is that a random baker from Stormwind can casually walk through a portal to the afterlife and sell bread...
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Final Fantasy XIV’s director and scenario writer discuss the twists and turns of Endwalker

For those of you who still haven't played through the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker story, this narrative goes places. It features some scenes within its first...
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Final Fantasy XI producer Akihiko Matsui interviews Tetsuya Nomura on his experiences with the game

Tetsuya Nomura is an interesting figure in Square-Enix history. If you're not familiar with the name, he's an artist and director who is responsible...

Jagex posts job openings for a new open-world survival crafting title

Most people are familiar with Jagex as the company that does RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, but sometime in the future we all might...

Lord of the Rings Online’s producer: ‘We not only want to maintain the value of this IP but grow it’

Lord of the Rings Online Producer Oleg “Raninia” Brodskiy sat down for an hour-and-a-half interview last week with YouTuber Bludborn, talking about a wide...
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Star Wars The Old Republic team discusses 7.0 class balance and items pending removal

It's no secret that Legacy of the Sith is changing things for classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but those who are interested...
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World of Warcraft attempts to diversify its player council as Microsoft prioritizes Activision-Blizzard corporate culture

The player council for World of Warcraft has already been formed and provided feedback, but Blizzard has made it clear that the initial lineup was...

Massively Overthinking: How would you fix New World?

Amazon's New World is one of the biggest, most ambitious, and most beautiful MMORPGs the industry has seen in years, and yet since its...
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Sony boss stresses that Bungie acquisition is about multiplatform live service games

If you were worried about the future of Destiny 2 on your platform of choice, the latest interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan...

World of Warcraft’s game director defends cross-faction team-ups: ‘It’s time’

Yesterday's announcement that World of Warcraft will, for the first time in its storied history, allow cross-faction raids, dungeons, and rated PvP sent shockwaves...

Superhero MMO City of Titans seeks more money: ‘We’re operating on a used shoestring’

As City of Titans and its volunteer team enter yet another year of development, Project Lead Chris Hare submitted to an interview on how...

Into the Echo discusses time travel, ‘hub-and-spoke’ leveling, and community progression in an interview

Last August we caught wind of Into the Echo, a time-traveling MMO from Canadian developer Etlok Studios that promised features like an emphasis on...

New World interview: Mutators, the midgame, the level 30 wall, and more

Amazon dropped a positively massive video for New World this week, going in-depth on the January update and peeking ahead into what players can...