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Here, there, wherever.

WoW Factor: A wishlist for World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion

We're going to find out a lot about World of Warcraft: Legion in November. Not just because I expect that'll be around the time we...
This is less annoying, sure.

WoW Factor: Between now and Legion

I'm going to be very surprised if we see World of Warcraft: Legion before June 2016. The odds are good that a beta announcement is...

Here are a ton of tidbits about World of Warcraft: Legion

You've got questions about World of Warcraft: Legion. Of course you do. And Blizzard knows that it's got you on the hook, which is...

World of Warcraft welcomes players back to the skies

It's been a good while since World of Warcraft players have been able to fly in high-level zones, but as of today the skies...
Some elves have no eyes any more. Be sensitive.

WoW Factor: Wild guessing about Demon Hunters

So what's the deal with World of Warcraft's Demon Hunter? We just don't know yet. But the space to speculate is pretty awesome. I mentioned...
Demon Hunters HATE this holiday

Gamescom 2015: More details on World of Warcraft: Legion

It's only been a day since the announcement of World of Warcraft: Legion, but fans are already eager to learn more about the expansion....
When it comes.

WoW Factor: Analyzing Legion with a critical eye

All right, let me just say for the record that when it comes to this expansion, my speculation last week was meant as just...

World of Warcraft announces Legion expansion with Demon Hunter class, Broken Isles continent; beta this year

The liveblog is after the cut. Here are the highlights! Blizzard has just announced World of Warcraft's next expansion: Legion. Blizzard's Tom Chilton says that...

CCP Games buys back $20m in bonds, drops Legion trademark

News is circulating in the EVE Online blogs and forum that developer CCP Games has just bought back $20 million in publicly traded bonds....

EVE Fanfest 2015: Project Legion may be in development limbo

At last year's EVE Online Fanfest, developer CCP Games announced Project Legion, a complete reimagining of failed console MMOFPS DUST 514 for the PC....