You can play a Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft today

The existence of ways to ignore the problem does not make the problem not exist.

Demon Hunters go live in today’s pre-Legion World of Warcraft patch, at least if you’ve already pre-ordered the expansion. The concomitant demon invasions begin today as well.

Massively OP’s Matt Daniel toured the Demon Hunter while it was in beta and came away saying it was well worth the wait: “Not only do I finally get to look as badass as Illidan himself, complete with blindfold and warglaives and glowing fel-infused tattoos, but the class plays with the exact mix of agile melee combat and demonic magic power that I had always hoped for.”

For more Demon Hunter hype, check out the coverage of our dear friends at Blizzard Watch! They’ve put together a handy FAQ for people thinking about playing the class early before the nerfs arrive (and they always do!).