World of Warcraft previews two of the dungeons of Legion

Remember when the big problem we had was seagulls? That seems so much easier right now.

A lot is changing when World of Warcraft: Legion launches, but dungeons will work the way they always have. Of course, they will be new dungeons, necessitating new approaches for players who jump in to the game ready to take on new challenges. A new preview on the site details the Eye of Azshara and Neltharion’s Lair, two of the dungeons capping off the stories of Aszuna and Highmountain, respectively.

The Eye of Azshara is a wide-open area that has a nonlinear layout, with players able to take on the first four bosses in any order with a corresponding effect on the gathering storm in the center of the dungeon. Neltharion’s Lair is less open in layout, but also features several large landscapes and necessitates the use of the rapid waters within the cavern as a transport mechanism. Players can start exploring these dungeons at the end of August, but until then, you can take a quick glance through with the preview.

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