Official site: Rend
Studio: Frostkeep Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Hybrid MOBA
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Global Chat: Why level in MMOs if you don’t grow?

Using World of Warcraft's latest expansion as an example, many bloggers recently pontificated on the uselessness of adding new levels to MMORPGs if your...

Survival MMO Rend patches in reputation tweaks, smarter mobs, and jump nerfs

Patch 4.1 descends on Rend today when the servers return from maintenance, and it's a bit of a hodge-podge of tweaks and fixes. Notably: ...
At this point it's debatable if anything will come out of here.

Betawatch: Ashes of Creation furthers its alpha amidst a news bomb (September 7, 2018)

So, uh, yeah. This week. You notice how the "breaking" box there is overstuffed with stories? That's because this week has just been crazy...

Massively Overthinking: Massively OP’s PAX West 2018 awards and poll

Most of this year's PAX West content is finally finished, and while we're about to give MOP reporter Larry Everett a much-needed breather, we've...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 185: PAX West crud

Larry, Justin, and Bree talk PAX West, Elder Scrolls Online, Rend, Dauntless, Torchlight Frontiers, Blades, Neverwinter, Anthem, Star Citizen, Runes of Magic, Wizard101, FFXIV, PlanetSide 2, SWTOR, WoW, and Star Wars Galaxies, with a mailbag email on how MMOs can facilitate roleplaying.

PAX West 2018: Survival MMO Rend’s surprising art, Dorito map, faction PvP, and inbound PvE

If this PAX West 2018 was about one thing, it was about proving me wrong. I jumped into the Rend interview expecting a specific type...

The Stream Team: All your base are belong to Rend

One of the best things about Rend is its emphasis on teamwork and cooperation. And although Massively OP's MJ is only one person, she...

Rend moves to new server hardware, throws out a huge balance patch

Rend is enjoying some strong popularity since transitioning into early access at the end of July. To handle the influx of interested adventurers, Frostkeep Studios...
Baby were born to run from the other side.

Rend’s Jeremy Wood on how Frostkeep borrows from Blizzard, Dark Age of Camelot, and PlanetSide

GameDaily has an interview with Rend's Jeremy Wood this week that covers a bunch of meta topics of interest to MMO players and watchers...

The Stream Team: A surprise Rend survival session

When another server dies sooner than expected, how does Massively OP's MJ cope? By going where she likely won't survive, either! MJ is making...

The Stream Team: Starting Rend for real with early access

Rend's early access has begun, and that means Massively OP's MJ is able to start her permanent character. Well, as permanent as you can...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 180: Superstoked for heroic MMOs

Justin and Bree discuss the influence of City of Heroes (Paragon Chat, SEGS, Valiance Online, Ship of Heroes, and City of Titans), plus WoW, No Man's Sky, SWGemu, Camelot Unchained, STO, CCP's new MMO, and Rend, with a mailbag entry on comments negativity.
among the fields of gold

Rend is hitting Early Access today

It's time to try a different sort of survival sandbox with the launch of Rend's Early Access today. You can pick up the game's...

The Stream Team: Life and death and pets in Rend

Did you get enough Rend yesterday? Massively OP's MJ didn't! She's back in for more survival... or lack thereof. Her goal today is to...

The Survivalist: Hands-on with survival MMO Rend’s closed alpha

It's been nearly a year since I met with Frostkeep Studios at PAX West and got an early first-hand look at Rend, the three-faction...

The Stream Team: Poking around Rend’s closed beta with devs

You've gotten to read about Rend, but now is your chance to see it live. Massively OP's MJ is in the closed beta and...

Previewing Rend: Frostkeep studio visit, early access, PvP, factions, and more

If something goes wrong with Frostkeep's early access launch of Rend, blame me. While I was at the office, I distracted Co-Founders Jeremy Wood and...

Rummaging through Rend: Alpha impressions of Frostkeep’s blissfully social survival MMO

Early access for Rend is just around the corner, which means hype for the game is picking up. Frostkeep recently invited us to check out its...
You are not the real thing.

Betawatch: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen kicks off character creation (July 13, 2018)

It's important in an MMO to feel like you own the bundle of stats and spells that you lovingly refer to as a character....

Interviewing Frostkeep’s CEO as Rend announces July 31 early access

Are you looking for a new way to survive? It's coming. We've watched as Rend wandered down its closed alpha path since May, but...