Official site: Rend
Studio: Frostkeep Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Hybrid MOBA
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Enter to win a stack of real-life Rend swag courtesy of Frostkeep and MOP! [USA only]

Frostkeep's survival MMO title Rend has had quite a wild couple of weeks: It surprise-launched out of early access at the tail end of...

The Stream Team: Launching into a new Rend

With Rend recently launched (and on sale!), now is a great time for Massively OP's MJ to jump back into a new world with...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 214: No fools we

Justin and Bree discus MMO April Fools' Day, Jumpgate's sequel, Funcom's new Secret World project, EverQuest 3, Rend's abrupt launch, Star Citizen's ladies, and Neverwinter and DDO's expansion dates, with adventures in Guild Wars 2, DDO, and Blade & Soul, and a mailbag question on MMO emulators.

The Survivalist: Surprise! Rend launches today with a $9.99 sale as Frostkeep teases new game

Earlier today we heard the news of Rend servers consolidating, and that definitely raised a few eyebrows. In fact, we noted, "It’s not exactly...

Rend merges servers as new patch introduces control-point revamps

The servers for Norse-flavored survival game Rend are going to be down for a little bit today so that the devs can deploy the...

First Rend patch of 2019 overhauls archery with new projectile weapon mechanics

The first patch of 2019 for Norse-flavored survival game Rend goes live today, bringing with it a comprehensive reworking of the game's archery mechanics...

Sheogorath returns as Elder Scrolls Legends launches the Isle of Madness expansion

Elder Scrolls Legends has officially rolled out Isle of Madness today, the next chapter for the MMOTCG. According to Bethesda, it's the game's largest...

The Survivalist: Seven survival game features I want to see in 2019

A new year is all about new hopes, new goals, and -- hopefully -- new features and content. I am talking about games, of...

The best Massively OP streams of 2018

Massively OP's long-running Stream Team, unquestionably captained by MJ and her sidekicks Larry and Andrew, got a welcome surprise this year: Our newest writer, Chris...
Pshew, pshew, pshew!

Rend’s newest patch adds in the first selection of artifacts

Let's get something out of the way very quickly. Wielding Mjolnir in Rend will probably not allow you to fly, nor will it give you...

Perfect Ten: MMOs to watch in 2019

The MMO genre is in a strange and uncertain place right now -- but also one that is quietly thrilling. We've long passed the...

Rend unveils sweeping crafting revamp focused on streamlining the early game

Survival MMO Rend has big changes for crafting on the horizon, according to the dev blog Frostkeep put out earlier this evening, and it's...
Yes, this is ready.

Betawatch: Legends of Aria has a free stress test

I can't speak for anyone else, but whenever I see something advertising a stress test, I just shrug and say that I've already got...

The Survivalist: Giving thanks for survival, from the genre to Conan Exiles

Since my column falls on Thursday, I always have the honor of sharing in the spirit of Thanksgiving by discussing what I am grateful...

Rend aims higher with its combat and streamlines its crafting

Acknowledging that Rend's combat was both imbalanced and lacking useful feedback, Frostkeep Studios has been hard at work this fall shoring up one of...
All right, here we go.

Betawatch: Torchlight Frontiers plans its alpha test for next week

Aw dang, check out the big brain on Torchlight Frontiers! First the game teases us with forts, which get to be our homes in...

Rend’s new classic and exploration game modes go live on the PTR

The folks at Frostkeep Studios have announced that two new game modes have hit the PTR of their Norse-flavored survival game Rend. The two...

Rend updates its engine and adjusts balance across the board

The biggest technical change with Rend's latest patch is upgrading its version of the Unreal Engine to 4.20. That is a technical improvement, but...

Rend Early Access roadmap lays out winter feature updates

A couple of days ago, in Frostkeep Studio's update about Rend's Patch 5, the studio also announced that it was putting together an Early...

Rend’s Early Access Patch 5 tweaks creature taming, movement, and more

Today, Frostkeep Studios's crafting-survival game Rend is introducing Early Access Patch 5, which brings with it "important changes to creature taming and movement along...