PAX East 2017: En Masse tells us all about TERA’s console port

Putting TERA on consoles seems like it’s the most obvious combination of games and platforms ever conceived. Even more than Super Mario Bros. and the NES controller, or Star Wars and awkward dance sequences. I was happy to get a chance to talk a bit about the recent announcement of the console port with En Masse at this year’s PAX East, and the obvious question that sprang to mind wasn’t about why it is getting a port but why it is happening now instead of earlier.

In a word? Timing. When TERA originally launched, it was the middle of the life cycle for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and neither console was really a perfect match, according to the studio. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on the other hand, are both more powerful systems and systems designed from the ground up to be suited to online connectivity and interaction. The result was that it was the right opportunity for the team to make the port happen, with all of the stars aligning perfectly.

What’s a bit more ambiguous at this point is cross-platform play. It’s uncertain whether players will be able to share the same servers as the PC version of the game or log in with their existing accounts, but the developers definitely want longtime TERA players to have benefits on console. Whether or not you’ll be able to transfer characters and progress to and from the console version is unclear, but some bonuses may still be put into place so that you can still enjoy some cross-compatibility regardless. Actual cross-platform play is still up in the air.

It’s also unclear whether or not the launch version of the console edition will be up to date with the PC version, but the devs say that is the ultimate goal. Depending on how the porting process goes, the console version might launch with a slightly smaller list of features, but the goal is to swiftly bring it up to date with the PC version. Even if it launches a bit behind, you can expect both games to be brought up to parity and kept at the same update point as quickly as possible.

This isn’t just a matter of standardization, either; it makes it easier for the designers as well. After all, this means they only have to keep up to date with one version of the game rather than several.

There’s also potential good news for gamepad players on the PC; while there is currently gamepad support in the game, it’s not as robust as it could be. As part of the console port, the UI is being fully redesigned to take advantage of the controllers, and it seems only natural to eventually bring that UI back over to the PC for those who prefer a gamepad-centric experience. No exact timetable is available at this point, but it still does mean that gamepad players will enjoy a boon as well.

We’d like to thank En Masse Entertainment for answering our questions, and we look forward to seeing what comes next as the game’s console port approaches testing and launch.

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10 Comments on "PAX East 2017: En Masse tells us all about TERA’s console port"

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Yuki Darake

Either way ps3 or xbox wouldn’t have been good for tera. For example ffxiv on ps3 ran really bad with some content that was mechanics heavy of fight like titan ex or even areas with alot of people in would load really slow. Tera online would also be mechanics heavy and or really bad bc of the processing speed

Kickstarter Donor

Uhhh … That excuse still doesn’t hold water: Tera would have been quite playable on PS3 (the 360 would have chugged a little bit) and even then, why the hell wasn’t it a launch title for the Xbone & PS4?


The 360 would have performed better. As is proven with the majority of last gen games. As someone who collects video games (retro and current), its really annoying to see fanboys state their opinions as facts.

If anything, the PS3 would have been held back due to its odd architecture.


Yea it holds water, PS3 and 360 used different hardware architecture, not only it isn’t easy to port but the systems were going to be obsolete and not powerful enough to run an action MMO.

Both X1 and PS4 run on x86 like a PC, definitely worth considering at least to port games over now

Colin Goodwin

Tera’s optimization would not have allowed for a Ps3 or Xbox 360 launch and they are in a better place to know that than you. Tera’s optimization has been so terrible for so long that even my system with two 1070ftws has stuttering issues directly correlating to cities or certain instances. I’m sorry but to say Ps3 could have run TERA in it’s current engine mess is just incorrect. Neither last gen systems could have handled it under reasonable load and without the graphics looking like hot garbage.

flamethekid .

I like how they were brave enough to have male character and other races in the trailer that isn’t a loli, an elf, or a sexy she devil

Kickstarter Donor
Jack Pipsam

Tera’s never really been afraid of males.


I think the complaint is about male characters being limited to standard classes, while the ladies are getting all the cool stuff classes. A point I agree with, but not really worded well by the OP.

Kickstarter Donor
Jack Pipsam

I imagine this could be quite a challenge for En Masse Entertainment from a technical side as they’re not the core developers of the game. It’s actually quite impressive really.

Denice J. Cook

I imagine Tera’s devs, Bluehole Studios, are the ones doing the actual porting, and that the game will launch on PS4 and Xbone internationally, it will just be under different publishers depending upon the region. En Masse handles North America, which is why we’re reading about them here. :)