Path of Exile updates fans on the state of Fall of Oriath’s beta

The sixth week of beta testing of Path of Exile’s next expansion is kicking off, and the good news is that the developers still aren’t planning any wipes for the beta. It’s humming right along, and the wave three patch is right around the corner. This patch brings changes such as the previously discussed Pierce/Chance to Pierce shifts, along with several under-the-hood performance improvements that ought to help in the future. Game balance in general continues to be closely watched and addressed.

More work is also being done on early tutorials as well as the Labyrinth, which has fairly little time to be tested and thus is something the development team is very interested in hearing feedback on. The next wave of beta is currently slated to take place within 10-15 days, so if you’re invested in doing the work to test the expansion beta, you should get in there and offer some feedback sooner rather than later.

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I’m waiting until it’s actually released to play it. I’ve been looking for an excuse to do more in Path of Exile again. I’m not one who really enjoys re-starting to do the leagues, so actual new acts will be nice. I probably really will make a new character to go through it all again then when this comes out though.

It’s sad, the leagues have all these really cool new things but you can only access them if you want to create a totally new character – and then they’re there for a limited time so if you go away a while and back even that new character will be back to normal. I wish we could have at least some of that cool league content on our old characters.

I’m a bit confused about the three difficulties being removed and only having one to play through though. I guess I should go make sure I’ve done everything in the three while I still can. I’m guessing that there will be some sort of thing where it won’t matter, any bonuses you would have got from doing all three you’ll probably get in the single campaign now instead, but I haven’t gone and read up on it to know what’s up there.