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E3 2015: Blizzard on Heroes of the Storm’s Eternal Conflict

While Heroes of the Storm just released, Blizzard is not resting on its laurels. The Eternal Conflict is coming, first on the public test realm June 23rd, then in a hoped-for release on June 30th, but the overall push will last a few months.

This expansion has had a quick cadence, especially after Technical Director Alan Dabiri and Senior Artist Phill Gonzales admit that the game’s basically been released in all but name for awhile now. I spoke to the pair at this year’s E3 2015. Read on!

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An exclusive Tokyo post-mortem with The Secret World’s Romain Amiel

Massively: We’re on the horn with The Secret World Lead Designer Romain Amiel, who’s taking time out of his schedule to answer some questions about the game’s recent storytelling milestones — and perhaps hint about where it’s going next. So Romain, now that Tokyo’s wrapped up and you’re able to look back on it, what would you say was the zone’s greatest success in terms of development?

Romain Amiel: I was quite happy with the overall result of Kaidan. The environment captured pretty well the urban essence of a giant city like Tokyo, or rather what it would be feel like under similar circumstances. It felt huge and eerily devoid of life. It gave us a great source of inspiration to create memorable characters and stories of survival.

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E3 2015: Torchlight Mobile is a new Torchlight, not Torch-lite

When Perfect World and Runic Games announced last week that Torchlight was stretching out into the mobile market, it caught many folks quite unawares. (It’s not often a studio can keep something under wraps so well in this industry!) So of course I was looking forward to meeting with these studios at E3 2015 to learn more about this little surprise. What I didn’t expect was to get my hands on a nearly completed version of the game and test it out!

Before I delve into my experience, I must preface this hands-on with the confession that with the exception of Fruit Ninja, I have never played — nor even been interested in playing — any mobile game. Well, unless Tetris counts! I am very much a PC gamer who wants the more in-depth worlds and experiences that come with that platform. That means I definitely have no bias toward or inclination to favor this genre of game. With that said, you can better appreciate this statement: I might very well start playing Torchlight Mobile on my own device when it launches!
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E3 2015: H1Z1 streamlines base building with construction boxes

The dust hasn’t even settled from H1Z1’s recent base-building update, and already Producer Steve George has revealed to us at E3 2015 another great construction-related feature that will be hitting in the coming weeks. What could be better than the watchtowers and foundation expansions that were just added to the game? How about a way to easily store, manage, and use the resources to make said towers! George introduced the concept of construction boxes, a secure container with a special interface that can be dropped at a construction site and used to build the the walls, doors, and other components neccessary for a base. These boxes go well beyond the current storage containers and will streamline and improve the constructon process.

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E3 2015: Cory Jones discusses HEX, lawsuits, and cake

I first saw MMOTCG HEX at E3 2013 at the same time the Kickstarter was revealed to the public, which was actually after it had been cancelled during its initial development. I was immediately impressed with the idea, but not always the execution. Why put PvP in first? Where’s the unique PvE? Where are the guilds? I sympathize with befuddled players: We hear a vision, we like it, and we want to see it too. We just have trouble visualizing the path there and sometimes get impatient.

At E3 2015, I have seen HEX anew. HEX Entertainment CEO and President Cory Jones summed up the bizarre development process:

HEX is unique. I had to roll out features as they come. Most big companies have enough money to say, ‘No no, we’ll wait till the cake’s baked, and then we’ll put it out.’ I’ve had to go, ‘Oh, this part’s baked; I’ll peel this off and serve it. Here’s some frosting on the side!’ I’ve had to piecemeal you this cake, which is not a good way to serve cake.”

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E3 2015: Hands-on with Sword Coast Legends

I’m more an MMORPG player than a Dungeons & Dragons tabletop gamer, but I’m familiar enough with D&D to be intrigued by the addition of a third online game in the franchise to the market. Still, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my Dungeons & Dragons: Sword Coast Legends demo at E3 this year. We have two other D&D MMOs, and Neverwinter already has a way to let players build dungeons for other people to play and enjoy in the form of the Foundry. How could SCL be different?

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E3 2015: Hands-on with Motiga’s ‘shooter MOBA’ Gigantic

As some of you recall, Gigantic is one of those games that looks like a MOBA and smells like a MOBA but — for a while, at least — was refusing to give in to the MOBA label. Unless you’re one of the big four MOBAs, the genre has a rep for doom (I’m probably one of the few people mourning Solstice Arena, but it was actually a clever little game.) But Motiga is now grudgingly calling Gigantic a “shooter MOBA” now, and at my demo at E3 yesterday, I did my best to peel back the labels to see the game for what it really is.

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E3 2015: David Braben on Elite: Dangerous

How does the guy who got motion sickness from Kirby’s Air Ride get assigned to the flight simulators every year? Yes, at this year’s E3, with my guns functioning and my ship mostly flying in an upright position, I checked out Elite: Dangerous with a few tips from the game’s director, David Braben.

Braben is interesting because he’s an old school developer from the times when PCs were certainly king and consoles were on the edge of disaster. He says he enjoys both platforms equally, though. In fact, he prefers using a controller to mouse and keyboard (at least for Elite). While you may play games in a slightly different way, Braben believes the type of game you play doesn’t change with the platform, which is precisely why he wanted to bring Elite to the Xbox One.

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Ark’s creative lead on realism vs. gameplay and more

What’s the big deal about Ark: Survival Evolved? Honestly, I don’t know. To me it looks like yet another in the endless horde of early access survival sandboxes on Steam these days, but it also seems to be really popular. Plus, dinosaurs.

Gamasutra recently interviewed creative director Jesse Rapczak, who had a hand in Microsoft’s Hololens development as well prior experience at various game development studios. It’s an interesting read if you’re into game design, as it details everything from realistic landscapes vs. gameplay to handmade environments vs. procedurally generated ones.

The piece also mentions that modding tools are coming to Ark with the 1.0 release.

Source: Gamasutra


An exclusive chat with Path of Exile’s Chris Wilson

Massively: We’re here with Path of Exile Producer Chris Wilson to talk about the state and future of this ARPG. Thanks for joining us Chris! So, how is Path of Exile doing lately?

Chris Wilson: Really well. We’re five weeks into the closed beta of our largest expansion ever: The Awakening. We’ll be releasing it in early June, and it’s a big game changer for Path of Exile. In addition to the huge amount of Act Four content, we’ve also introduced a socketable passive skill tree that can be customised by craftable jewels. This expansion also introduces our newly rewritten networking code, which improves the experience for a lot of users.

In other news, we recently launched Path of Exile in Russia and various other CIS countries with the help of Garena Online.

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World of Warcraft acknowledges ’emotional response’ to flying controversy

The full story on Blizzard’s decision and subsequent reappraisal of grounding flying mounts in World of Warcraft is still being revealed. In a new interview, Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas denied that the move to institute Draenor flying was reluctantly done, although he did say that the topic’s been difficult from the start and grew worse when players revolted.

“We thought at the time that we had the right answer, but what we heard from the community is that once the word ‘never’ was out there, it changed the conversation a little bit,” Hazzikostas said. “There’s a certain terrible finality to the word ‘never.’ Before, people might have accepted not being able to fly in Draenor, but when they started to realise that, ‘Wow, I’ll never be able to use Invincible’s Reins or Mimiron’s Head’ or some other prized possession that they’ve worked for, suddenly that sparked an emotional response.”

He said that the team is happy with the proposed compromise and will continue to “do what’s right by the game as a whole and the majority of players” in the future.

Source: PC Gamer


Defiance devs on the next season and the future of the game

The third season of the show Defiance starts up on June 12th, which is likely of particular interest to fans of Defiance the game. Sure, the two don’t always directly correspond, but there’s a connection between them – that was one of the big selling points of the game when it first launched, after all.

Now that the show is running to its third season, we sent a few questions off for producer Carble Cheung to see how the game is adapting to the changes on the series, how the integration has worked, and what adjustments are planned for players in the future. Jump on past the break for the answers.

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The Repopulation on expectations, SWG, and the Q4 launch

When Above & Beyond Technologies announced that its sci-fi MMO The Repopulation will launch before the end of 2015, sandbox fans simultaneously pumped their fists and arched their brows. MassivelyOP tracked down lead developer J.C. Smith and asked him about the ambitious release window as well as whether or not the dev team is feeling the pressure of expectations.

Read the full interview after the cut!

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