dark and light

Official Site: Dark and Light
Studio: Snail Games
Launch Date: June 6 2006; relaunching in 2016
Genre: Fantasy Sandpark
Business Model: B2P
Platform: PC

Dark and Light explains the basics of the refining forge

Why stop at a normal forge? Normal forges are fine, we guess, for doing normal things, but Dark and Light lets you make yourself a refining forge which is even more… well, refined. It says that right in the game. You can check out all of the details in a new video explaining that you first unlock your forge by harvesting and consuming several Frozen Crystals, allowing you to gather the materials needed to make your special glowing refining forge.

Continuing to improve your skill will allow you to make magically enchanted items by finding active ley lines, thus giving you random stat improvements (you’ll need to thus do a lot of forging to get the really good items). Check out the whole system in video form below; it’s rather elaborate, but it should allow you to sport tricked-out gear better than anyone else you meet.

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Dark and Light vows to squash early access bugs

Early access or no, players expect their games to work right when they’re shelling out money for them. The developers of the reworked Dark and Light are cognizant of this fact, and as such are working hard on a build to eliminate some of the more serious bugs that have been dragging down the game experience in its testing phase.

One of the more notorious issues is the “black screen bug” that continues to keep some players from entering the game itself. Other bug fixes include help with taming Nidhogs and Goblins, preserving data for soul stones, and retaining donation totals for vendors.

“As an early access game, we’re expecting to face a number of bugs ranging from minor to severe — with new content, new bugs are bound to show up as well,” the team said. “Our main focus is to try and make Dark and Light the best experience possible, both in terms of content and stability. We’re working to tweak existing content, like the exceedingly-difficult Ice Cave, while fixing bugs and creating new, exciting content to keep Archos’s Adventurers busy for a long time.”

Curious whether Dark and Light is worth playing (and paying)? Check out one player’s impressions after the break!

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Dark and Light’s Goblin engineering will make you into a bully

Have you seen Dark and Light’s Goblins? They’re hands-down the most adorable gobbos ever made for an online game. So much so, in fact, that you are certain to feel incredibly guilty when you bully them.

Wait, why would you do that? You love all sentient creatures, YouTube commenters aside, and would never do such a thing! You say that now, but you might change your mind when you discover that to level up Dark and Light’s new Goblin engineering skill, you will have to hunt down and defeat Goblins for the parts they carry.

If that’s not bad enough, here’s where it gets really twisted. When you work your way up in the ranks, some of the projects that you craft will summon Goblins to you for various purposes, such as to operate ballistas. So not only are you smacking them down, you’re also using them for cannon fodder on the front line. Go you!

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Dark and Light patches its patch, apologizes again to players

For its first major content update, Dark and Light’s Mysteries of Blackice Peaks proved to be a bit of a mixed bag. While adding more zones and features to this fantasy sandbox, the update was so buggy that it resulted in a rollback. Ouch.

Now, hopefully the game can move forward instead of in reverse. The team patched up its patch last week, fixing several bugs and making the frost cave a lot more dangerous to traverse. The team tried to smooth over the bumps by saying, “Again we’d like to apologize for failing to push the patch live earlier and causing a lot of confusion and frustration.”

That does leave a “black screen bug” that’s keeping some players from getting into the game, an issue that the developers say that they’ve prioritized for a fix. With all of the problems, fans of the game might need to be reminded that there are some positives here too, such as the sumptuous graphics.

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Dark and Light apologizes for rollbacks following the ice caves patch

Nobody wants to see the word “rollback” associated with a game, including the designers. You can tell that the staff behind Dark and Light isn’t exactly wild about saying that its most recent patch resulted in some rollbacks, either. Nor is the staff happy about the fact that the patch and the ensuing rollback was made worse by poor communication. Basically, as annoyed as the players are, they’re not happy with how they handled things either. That’s the real takeaway here.

“We know that we haven’t been very good being transparent with our community when it comes to our updates, and we apologize,” says one of the lead producers. “When we first started working on the Ice Caves, we were nervous on how it would turn out. But as we came closer and closer to the release date, the nervousness turned into excitement. We wanted to see the kinds of strategies that players would come up with traversing the cave and defeating the powerful enemies inside. When the release date came around, a few critical issues came up that made the game virtually unplayable. As much as we wanted to push new content out, we wanted to make sure it was also playable, would preserve player data, as well as live up to the standard of quality that we aim to meet.”

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Dark and Light teases its ‘mysterious’ autumn update

Giant cyclopes, mounted combat, and foreboding mountain climbs: What might Dark and Light have in mind for its first major content update? The details aren’t revealed, but the team did release a one-minute trailer for The Mysteries of Blackice Peaks, an update that’s scheduled for this fall.

While we chew over that trailer and wait for the patch to go live, the latest edition of the Archos Herald is up with some discussion over the rolled-back-and-released patch from this past week.

“With this patch, we are working on many issues in Archos that should help improve the overall quality of life for adventurers,” the team wrote. “We have also been looking at our taming system, and we’ve adjusted the difficulty of some creatures out in Archos. With the larger, more mythical creatures, we want it to be a bit more of a challenge, and have the resources required to tame match the strength of the creature. With that being said, we have adjusted the base stat gain after taming to reward adventurers on their success.”

See what mysteries you can glean from the short trailer below!

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Dark and Light demos how guild leaders will manage their groups and homes

The latest video for Snail Games’ early access revival of Dark and Light is about houses, but not the kind of housing you’re thinking with a thatch roof and cute little doorway. No, this is the Game of Thrones kind of house, and the video shows would-be lordlings just how to pilot the interface that all guild leaders surely know is a game (and job) unto itself.

According to the video, leaders can use the interface to bestow and rescind all the hierarchical permissions you’d expect from a stock MMO in 2017, like whether the player is allowed to blow up your buildings or raid your fridge inventory. But the system also allows admins to grant special permissions to members, like riding specific mounts on guild property, seeing who died, and declaring war on the DNL equivalent of the Lannisters. Leaders can also create and place house seals to protect certain buildings from other players — in fact, the seals in the video are apparently an advanced version not yet in the game, so it’s a bit of a sneak peek. Worth a look below!

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Dark and Light’s animal taming mechanics are weirdly sadistic

Dark and Light’s latest dev walkthrough video focuses on taming the wild, and Snail is talking specifically about animal taming. To start taming, the studio says, you’ll need to craft a bow and shoot at the animals a bunch of times to fatigue them. Then you’ll sweet-talk them a bit by feeding them food and water and continue shooting them with hook arrows to keep their constitution low as the taming process continues.

Seriously, don’t try this at home. That poor little sheep.

Watch the how-to down below.

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Dark and Light runs down the basics of crafting

We understand that you, personally, are committed to playing Dark and Light the way it was originally meant to be played. And we respect that you have a deep commitment to squatting naked in a ditch foraging for berries and throwing rocks at other players. But you can see other adventurers wandering around with things like tools and weapons and clothes and shelter, and maybe you’d like to get in on that? So perhaps you should take the time to check out the crafting methods you’ll need to use.

The latest video is just past the break and covers the basics of crafting in the game, from the simple things you can always craft (like cooking fires) to recipes requiring specialized workbenches (like most tools and weaponry). You can also have one craft facilitate another, such as using a cooking fire to make straw more easily. Check out the video just below for a quick overview; it’s worth considering before you go back to your ditch, after all.

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Xbox One X announces ‘select enhanced titles’ that include many online games

At its pre-Gamescom press conference this Sunday, Microsoft revealed more about its upcoming Xbox One X and its glorious 4K gaming capabilities. As part of the conference, the company listed several games that would benefit from the enhanced performance and power of the console when it arrives this November.

MMO players should take note, because this list contains many games in our sphere of interest. The select enhanced titles include BioWare’s Anthem, ARK: Survival Evolved, Astroneer, Black Desert, Conan Exiles, Dark and Light, Diablo III, Elite: Dangerous, Path of Exile, Portal Knights, Roblox, Sea of Thieves, SMITE, State of Decay 2, The Crew 2, Elder Scrolls Online, The Division, Warframe, and World of Tanks.

The Xbox One X boasts six teraflops of processing power, 4K Ultra Blu-Ray, and 12GB GDDR5 graphics memory, and will retail for $500. Interested players can pre-order the Project Scropio edition right now for as long as supplies last.


Today’s Dark and Light patch puts an end to huffing and puffing and blowing (thatch) houses down

Snail Games’ MMO-turned-survivalbox reboot Dark and Light has prepped a new patch landing today aimed squarely at the B word: balance.

“This latest patch is designed to address player concerns about game balance,” says the studio. “We’ve enhanced the strength of all buildings and adjusted the strength of certain spells to better protect creatures and players, to make battles and raids more fair.”

Specifically, the game has seen nerfs to stone and iron weapons and weaker spells vs. thatch and wood buildings, so whether or not your fire spell can take out your enemy’s base will make a little more sense. Meanwhile, critters in the wild can’t damage anything but those weaker types of construction. Wouldn’t make much sense for a squirrel to wreck your stone castle, right? Except dark squirrels. Those guys can mess you up.

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Dark and Light turns on three new servers, does a few magic tricks

Attempting to keep up with the current demand of the early access fantasy sandbox, Snail Games announced this morning that it is activating three new servers for Australia, the US, and Europe.

Last week, the dev team wrapped up a lengthy look at its various schools of magic. The final videos looked at air, beast, and earth spells, such as being able to turn yourself weightless, transforming into a Deathstalker (whatever that is), and camouflaging yourself to avoid conflict.

Check out these new videos after the break!

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Dark and Light fixes bugs, improves NPC lives, and shows off water magic

It seems like just yesterday that Dark and Light was showing off its fire magic, but right now it’s showing off its water magic. Although it’s not really water magic so much as “exceedingly cold water magic,” since the demonstrated abilities of water magic all involve some form of ice. “Ice Magic” might be more appropriate. But it lets you summon storms of ice and walls of ice, so can you really complain that much? That’s in a video just below.

The game’s most recent patch also trims up a lot of the game’s issues and bugs, such as the wrong staff head getting equipped when swapping weapons, or the issue allowing you to try casting a spell while your mana is too low which could cost staff durability for no effect. Similarly, it also makes it easier to hunt small animals while allowing important NPCs to respawn after being killed. Check out the full list of changes in the patch notes, check out that water magic video past the break, and… well, check yourself before you wreck yourself? We only had two things for you to check.

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