Dark and Light is still in early access, and now it has an expansion: Shard of Faith


As promised, early access MMO Dark and Light has pushed out its first expansion pack today on Steam, free for everyone who already owns the base game, which itself is down to 15 bucks right now. The update features the new Ganareth map, which doubles the playable size of the game, including five new biomes; it also adds new optimization tweaks, new gear, new baddies, and new ally races, plus the new magic Incarnation system.

“Incarnation is the highlighted feature in DLC. It is different from shapeshift magic. Once you establish your rapport with the four races, you will be granted the ability to incarnate into race heroes. There is no time duration to your incarnation. Incarnated characters will have greater increase in stats, access to exclusive weapons, and wearable equipment. What is more special is that each incarnation will have its special abilities and skills. Two incarnations will be available at the moment:
– Gorgon incarnation, with her climbing ability and swift swimming ability. Once you unlock your incarnation stone to higher tiers, you will have access to her Poisonous Mist and Petrifying Gaze. Mobility, plus venomous bow and arrows are the keys to your combat with enemies.
– Satry Incarnation, with his great leap ability and thunder-wind wielding ability. Once you unlock your incarnation stone to higher tiers, you will have access to Aerial Thrust, and Platform Creation. You will quickly penetrate the enemy formation and use your agile thrust to damage them.”

Snail put together a new teaser trailer for the update; we’ve included it below. Anybody playing this one?

Source: Press release, Steam
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