Dark and Light shows off its improvements in Shard of Faith while prepping new fixes

I'm on a mount!

Have you seen everything there is to see in Dark and Light’s Shard of Faith update? Be honest. It’s all right if it’s not everything, and it’s even all right if you’re not sure of exactly what you’ve missed. The latest video for the game just below will try to show you all of the new features so you can figure out what you haven’t yet seen. There’s a lot of stuff in there.

Of course, we’d be remiss to assume you hadn’t seen everything; if you have and mostly want a patch that has some actual fixes to bugs, that’s on the plate too. The fixes to various persistent issues have been in testing since last week and are planned to go live sometime this week, so if you’ve run into bugs like getting stuck in terrain, too many werewolves in the Howling Sands, or people crouching to avoid Spell Towers, the corrections are on the way.

Source: YouTube, Steam page
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