Whatever happened to magic-filled survival sandbox Dark and Light?

Two years without an update should tell you the story


We haven’t heard a lot out of Dark and Light, Snail Games’ survival sandbox title that launched in early access in July 2017. While updates were coming fast and thick over the course of a couple of years, including a free expansion, it didn’t seem to catch fire in spite of efforts like putting on sales, revamping PvP servers, and promising a full release; the lack of interest had brought the game to the point that it reduced its server numbers two different times.

Since then, the game appears to have been effectively abandoned by Snail Games: The last update post on Steam was from September 2020, noting that double harvest and XP buffs added earlier that year were becoming a permanent fixture; the last official tweet from the game’s account was from last June about another sale promotion, and the game’s official website is returning a connection timeout error.

Steam users of the game have leaped to the same conclusion, noting in user reviews that the devs have effectively walked away from the game entirely. Still, there are some positive words being said about the game, though most reviews decry that the devs had a good thing going and simply left it to rot.

sources: Steam (1, 2), Twitter, official site
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