Final Fantasy XI brings back its annual doll festival

For the many Japanese players of Final Fantasy XI, the annual doll festival feels entirely familiar and normal. For most of the international players, it feels kind of weird and unfamiliar. And yet everyone can enjoy it because it means that you have a chance to play with dolls in a video game. Who could be anything less than delighted about that? Hopefully not you, dear readers, as the game’s doll festival is coming back around on February 26th for everyone to enjoy.

Event moogles (those harbingers of antics) will be appearing in Bastok, San d’Oria, and Windurst, located in two districts and offering players festive items such as your very own doll display. Consider that this month’s login campaign also offers a chance to get your own Lilisette doll; it seems thematically appropriate. Collect your dolls! Display them for others! Do some research into this holiday that may be unfamiliar to you! It’s all in fun.


EVE Online brings the Guardian’s Gala and balance changes for its February patch

It’s not exactly love that’s in the air in EVE Online for the Guardian’s Gala. For one thing, there’s not really any air out in deep space; for another, it’s more about celebrating treasured business relationships and people who haven’t stabbed you in the back much. It’s also one of the centerpieces of the game’s February release, patching in several new paint jobs for ships as a reward. Check out the Agency menu to find out what events are available to celebrate the season in that uniquely EVE fashion.

The patch also brings a variety of quality-of-life improvement for Upwell structure owners and players piloting assault frigates, so even if you’ve got no time for love you should have something new to enjoy. There are even new moon mining mechanics to improve that particular style of gameplay. Whatever you choose to engage with for the rest of the month, you can really feel the love.


Destiny 2’s new Crimson Days event says the couple that slays together stays together

It takes two in the new Destiny 2 Crimson Days event. Specifically, players are tasked with taking on a 2v2 Clash and a new Burnout variant in which two players must group together in order to keep the light from fading completely. In other words, you’ll need to work together with a partner in order to earn rewards and pick up new mounts, emotes, and decorations. It’s about as romantic as you can get in a game that’s chiefly concerned with shooting one another, let’s be real.

Should that not work with you, it’s important to note that the official forum rules are being changed somewhat, so you might not actually be able to complain about it on the official forums. If you haven’t yet reached the Farm in Destiny 2, for example, you won’t be able to post in that game’s Feedback, Gameplay, or Off-Topic boards. So you’ll actually need to play the game a little bit before getting a platform to talk about it. That seems fair.

Source: Event page, forum restrictions; thanks to Sophisikai for the tip!


Kritika Online patches in a Lunar New Year celebration

It’s time for a celebration in Kritika Online because it’s the Lunar New Year! And as you can probably guess, the celebration centers around new outfits. Defeat a Danger Zone boss and you’ll get a chance for food or a pouch containing temporary costumes, enhancement pieces, and fishing gear. You can also turn costumes in for Kagerfield Badges if you’d prefer, and of course there are more costumes available in the cash shop if you’d prefer a direct purchase.

The Lunar New Year event will run through February 21st, but the patch also adds in support for a Valentine’s Day event running later this month. No details on that one yet, though; you’ll just have to wait a little longer. Add in the balance changes and bug fixes that come along with this patch, and while it’s not introducing some huge new mechanics to the game, you should still have plenty to do.


Dark Age of Camelot hints at future class/race combos

Dark Age of Camelot has a busy February planned, starting with a new patch that includes a mess of class, RvR, and battleground changes. Broadsword promised “more frequent events” going forward, including a pair of new RvR frontier activities.

Speaking of events, Jack Frost’s Frozen Cavern and the Ghost Keep are both open for business through February 13th. After that date, the game will switch over to swooning with a trio of Valentine’s quests.

The studio also published its first “Grab Bag” Q&A of the year, tackling some of the more nitty-gritty questions that players have about the game’s mechanics. One interesting tidbit from this past week’s grab bag is a hint of future race/class combinations.

“Yes, we are planning to open up a few more pairings when the new race respec feature is in,” Broadsword said. “The recent server and client stability issues have pushed back that feature a bit, but it’s still on track for the first half of this year.”


Valentione’s Day returns to Final Fantasy XIV

It’s that time of February once again, and that means Lisette de Valentione is arriving from Ishgard to spread her message of love while presumably meddling in someone else’s private life without permission or request. Seriously, if you’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV for a while you’re used to Lisette being this way. And now you can take part in the antics again with the latest Valentione’s Day celebration, starting today and running until February 15th.

There’s even a new decorative area for this year’s storyline, as the latest development blog shows off. It also shows off the two new mounts added with this event, two halves of the broken heart chair that can either make a single heart in the sky or leave you with half a heart floating glumly. But it’s half a heart with a different sitting pose, at least! That should take some of the edge off, right?


Star Trek Online braces for a mirror universe invasion on consoles

The Mirror Universe has been a persistent enemy in Star Trek Online since the earliest days of the game, because it sure is helpful to be able to repurpose Federation ships as enemies. Also, there are lots of episodes in which the crews of various ships have to deal with their evil mirror counterparts, so that helps to. And console players are going to need to work hard to repel another invasion by the Mirror Universe on the console version, which is kicking off today and running through February 8th.

Players will have to travel to various rifts and stabilize them before shutting them, stemming the flood of ships into the main reality (i.e., the one we live in). There’s an associated reputation project players can undertake that rewards extra Dilithium and Marks of your choice, along with new Mirror Universe Dual Pistols for successfully completing the project and fighting back the invaders. So get ready to face your dark mirrors on consoles… unless you play a Klingon captain, in which case it’s more a matter of blowing up people you already blow up but slightly meaner than normal.


World of Warcraft hosts a massive roleplaying event to celebrate the defeat of the Legion

If you think about World of Warcraft’s Moon Guard server, you probably make some jokes about ERP in Goldshire and move on with your life. But there’s a lot more to the server than that, as demonstrated by the massive RP event hosted on the server recently. What was the theme? Celebrating the defeat of the Burning Legion by the forces of the Alliance.

That is, you might acquiesce, a pretty good reason for a celebration. And you can even check out a gallery of shots for precisely the event just below.

Players marched through Redridge Mountains as part of a parade for all those who fought against the demons, followed by speeches and celebration in Lakeshire. It’s a pretty cool large-scale event, and it’s well worth taking a look at both the gallery and the memories of players who took part in the event. If you’re jealous, you could always try to host one for your own server, to boot.

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Final Fantasy XI prepares for the Spring Alter Ego Expo in February

Alter Egos in Final Fantasy XI are a way to get the most famous NPCs in the game out and helping you smash your way through legions of enemies. But some of those NPCs are harder to procure than others. Enter the Spring Alter Ego Expo, which gives players a chance to pick up some of the rarer alter egos such as Gilgamesh, Leonoyne, and Elivira.

Of course, if you’ve been playing the game for a while the odds are good you already have some of these alter egos, but there are also probably some you don’t have. The whole thing starts on February 1st and runs until February 28th, which raises the question of why it’s being called the Spring Alter Ego Expo but still gives you ample time to bring some famous NPCs into your permanent stable of characters.


Pokemon Go adds more Hoenn pokemon and declares them egg-worthy

You are not getting access to all of the Hoenn-region pokemon added to Pokemon Go with the game’s newest update. That’s the bad news. But that update does add another 23 critters from the region, so you have a wider selection of monsters to include in your lineups! (That’s Groudon slinking off in the background, but we don’t know why he’s pouting about showing up. Maybe he’s shy.)

Not enough promise to make you excited about the game? Well, the pot is sweetened somewhat by ensuring that even just grabbing some eggs is enough to unlock some Generation III pokeymans. For a limited (and undisclosed) time period, every egg you hatch will contain a pokemon from the Hoenn region. So get catching and get hatching. The tagline, you see, is that you have to catch them all. That’s a lot to catch.

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PSA: Claim your free gifts in DC Universe Online by January 31

Hey! You there! Do you want a free tech-looking Batman costume in DC Universe Online? If your answer is yes (and it almost certainly is) you should already have gotten one, it’s a free gift for the game’s anniversary. But if you haven’t gotten it yet, you should get in there and get on it, as the game is asking players to claim their free gifts by January 31st or watch them vanish forever.

Members also get separate free gifts, and there are old gifts available for those who need to fill out their collection. The important thing is just to remember, as mentioned, that you’ve only got a little over a week before they go away. So if you’ve been forgetting to log in, consider this your reminder to get on that.

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Champions Online introduces a new Nightmare event through February 1

My word! It’s a Champions Online event! Not just an event, but a new event! We’re sure that regular players of the game are thrilled because the prospect of any event is big news, and the promise of a new one is cause for breaking glass in case of emergency. And it’s happening! It’s happening right now with the new Nightmare Invasion, with a whole lot of nightmarish creatures flooding the street and being a menace to everyone.

Oh, you should probably stop squealing and blinking about the whole new event thing and actually start cleaning up the streets. Those are nightmare creatures. They’re dangerous.

You’ll need a group of 3-5 players of level 10 or above, and once you’ve got that you can talk with the Golden Seraph NPC to start taking on the nightmarish enemies and beating them back. Rewards include several new headpieces and a new vehicle, so you have plenty of reason to smash things until they’re no longer nightmarish dangers striding across the land. They’ll go well with your new decorative tights, if you like. So break your “new event in Champions Online” glass and get to smacking some nightmares.


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