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Villagers and Heroes ‘Ultimate Package’ update and iOS port coming soon

Villagers and Heroes might never be considered in the same league as some major MMORPGs, but let us tell you that those MMOs will probably never produce something as awesome as Villagers and Heroes’ new year newsletter.

This massive info dump for 2017 is so huge that it’s almost hard to know where to begin. An iOS port? Coming in February. French and Spanish localization? Sure, and why not toss in an auto-translation program for the other languages too! A level cap increase? New high-level content? New low-level content? Overhauled zones? Talent revamps? Improved gear? Upgraded optimization? A new server? A secret surprise project? It’s all coming this year, folks.

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Villagers and Heroes mobile begins partial global rollout

In this world, there are the haves and the have-nots. When it comes to those who get to play the new mobile edition of Villagers and Heroes, players in the UK and Scandinavia are the haves, while every other person across the globe is the have-not. Deal with it.

Actually, the rest of the world will have to deal for only about 45 days, as the full global release of Villagers and Heroes mobile is scheduled for early September: “The official global launch date of Villagers and Heroes is now out — get ready to play the game on Android devices the 7th of September! If you’re in the UK or Scandinavia, no need to wait — you can already download and play the game using the Play Store button.”

On September 7th, it will be the Android owners who are the haves and all other mobile games taking the role of the have-nots. Villagers and Heroes’ mobile version promises to be fully cross-platform compatible with the existing PC client.

Source: Villagers and Heroes, Google Play. Thanks to Nightsong for the tip!


Villagers & Heroes is coming to Android tablets

Villagers & Heroes is one of those underappreciated MMO gems that’s been flying under the radar for a while. It might look an awful lot like a certain “other” game, but it has a few cool ideas, including placing just as much emphasis on your character’s home as on your adventuring style.

In any case, Villagers & Heroes might be on the rise now that the game’s announced its intentions to come to mobile devices. So far, the game will only be making the jump to Android devices and will be fully cross-compatible with the PC version and existing accounts. The mobile game will be pretty much identical to the PC one except for some UI changes and accessibility tweaks. Mad Otter is recommending a tablet to run it, as a phone might be too small and cramped for the interface.

The team said that it has been working on this mobile edition for 18 months now and is planning on a very small, focused beta this month. Windows Phone and iPhone versions may be coming in the future.


Villagers & Heroes update includes a secret zone and Valentine’s Day event

The first major drop of the year for Villagers & Heroes went live today! The Copse of the Treants continues the high-level journey through the Blighted Isles, taking players to the titular magical woodland to stop a civil war and solve a mystery. In addition to all of the new content and a level cap raise, the patch throws in a “second secret zone” tucked in somewhere among the Copse and brings back the V-Day Sugarsweet Summit event for players who have a heart for love and a mouth for candy.

Villagers & Heroes always seems like an absolutely adorable and tenacious title that deserves more love and attention by the larger community. Check out the patch trailer below to see if this might be one of those hidden gems worth exploring.

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Villagers & Heroes drops Sands of the Equinox patch

It’s a big patch day for the indie fantasy MMO Villagers & Heroes, as the Sands of the Equinox update went live this morning.

The centerpiece of the update is the new Oases of Anuk’Amon zone, which hosts the Equinox event. Players can participate in this Egyptian-themed area to get new costume pieces and toys.

The patch also includes a hodge-podge of general improvements, features, and fixes. Players can now preview purchases in the item shop, buy companions from the store, experience a more fair lucky card draw, enjoy reworked daily login rewards, and bask in the glow of a “more joyful and readable” user interface.

Source: Patch notes


Villagers and Heroes gets a do-over with Reborn

Class-based sandbox Villagers and Heroes is looking to update its image in the coming weeks as the title reinvents itself as Villagers and Heroes: Reborn.

While Mad Otter Games is marketing this as an “expansion,” Reborn looks as though it’s a true reboot of the 2014 2010 title with an improved feature set. The studio released a new website for the event last week and has been doling out information about Reborn ever since, including character creation and the lands players will explore.

Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play sandbox with a flexible gear system that allows players to live in a RuneScape-like world and build up a life for themselves. More information about Reborn, including in-game activities and a launch date, will be revealed in the coming days on the site.