Star Citizen’s Roberts talks FPS, pokes fun at EA

Star Citizen

Did you miss PAX East this year? If so you probably also missed Chris RobertsStar Citizen presentation. Fortunately, though, there’s YouTube. The video runs for approximately 45 minutes, and as its title implies, it focuses chiefly on the evolution of the sci-fi space sim’s first person universe.

Over the course of the presentation, Roberts also touches on the game’s new damage state system, the Retaliator spacecraft, and the new build of Arena Commander, which features multiplayer free flight.

He also pokes fun at publisher EA with an in-universe bit about a former gaming giant named Electronic Access that was bought out and shut down by Original Systems. The Star Citizen version of EA is now “little more than the branding for Original Systems’ electronic rental storefront,” which in game terms equates to the recently announced rental equipment credits (REC) added to Arena Commander as a form of progression. Click past the cut to watch the full clip.

[Source: RSI website; thanks Cardboard!]
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