EverQuest Next opens up the Qeynos Foundation Museum contest

And Justin weeps, silently, in the corner. No one feels bad about it.

EverQuest Next is getting ready to lay the groundwork for the city of Qeynos, and the design team is turning to Landmark to make that happen. Players can now take part in a contest to help craft the Qeynos Foundation Museum, with winning entries promised a permanent space on an island for others to visit and a potential place within Qeynos once EverQuest Next goes live.

The contest thread contains several design templates and suggestions for players to ensure that their designs meet both the visual and practical requirements of the setting for each of the given Qeynos districts. Submissions are open until April 5th, and there’s no limit to how many submissions a given individual may make. So if you want your architecture to make a permanent mark on Norrath, jump into Landmark and start crafting those voxels like you mean it.

[Thanks to Dean for the tip!]
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