Star Citizen releases alpha 1.1.1 and a design blog on breathing

Sure you are, home slice.

Cloud Imperium had a busy Friday, as the firm released Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.1 to backers and also published a couple of notable blog entries. The first was penned by Chris Roberts and it concerns version numbering. Since the dev team is gearing up to release bigger chunks of Star Citizen beyond the Arena Commander dogfighting module, Roberts says that it makes sense to start using Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.1 (for last night’s patch) and Star Citizen Alpha 1.2.0 (for the upcoming Star Marine FPS functionality) instead of AC 1.1.1, etc.

The second post is a high-level look at the design goals for the first person shooter module’s stances and breathing mechanics. “When we pitched a ‘living, breathing universe,’ we weren’t kidding,” CIG says. “Stamina and breathing will be an important part of Star Citizen’s FPS mode, simulated in order to make first person combat a much deeper and more tactical experience than many familiar FPS titles.”

Finally, the 1.1.1 alpha patch made the Anvil Gladiator into a flyable craft, introduced multicrew mechanics in the form of functional turrets, and featured “a variety of bug fixes, balance changes and general updates intended to improve the Arena Commander experience.”

[Source: 1.1.1 notes; thanks LordofBread and Cardboard!]


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