Voxelnauts Kickstarter melds VR, voxels, and sandbox gameplay


What do you get when you stick a sandbox, voxels, and VR into a blender? You get Voxelnauts, a new voxelbox — actually, they’re calling it a “metaverse.” The studio behind the game, Retro Ronin, touts devs with Starbound and Firefall and Oculus pedigrees and launched a $200,000 Kickstarter last night. The lowest de facto preorder tier is $20. “Inspiration for Voxelnauts is drawn from the threads of the novel Ready Player One, virtual reality, and the melding of retro gaming with the games of the future,” declares the Kickstarter pitch. “Voxelnauts is an MMO Sandbox RPG that allows you to do anything, be anything, and go anywhere.”

The game is assembled from multiple planets and space stations ready for exploration for characters of persuasions ranging from smith to warrior to architect. Players will terraform each planet and determine its ruleset, including whether or not the stuff players build there is destructible. Based on the backer rewards, the studio anticipates launch by April 2016. “We have had strong financial backing from dedicated investors throughout the development process, which mitigates the chances that we will run out of money before completing our project,” say the developers.

Check out the Kickstarter video and tons of new screenshots below — including a few exclusive pics courtesy of Retro Ronin.


Source: Voxelnauts press release, Kickstarter. Thanks, Modrain!
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