Anarchy Online’s new graphical engine is finally live

All right, I can sort of see it.

Anarchy Online has been on the verge of having a new graphics engine for what seems to be forever and a day, but it’s finally here. Yes, the game’s new graphics engine is available for use in the game’s newest update. If you want the game to look even prettier despite its age, you can do that.

It’s worth noting that the new graphical engine is quite bulky; the installer is 5 gigs, and the total installed size comes to roughly 23 gigs. You’ll need to download the new engine client separately from the existing game, as well. Still, it’s the big centerpiece of the game’s latest patch, and with good cause. If you’re an Anarchy Online fan with a more modern computer, get the new engine installed and see the game be prettier than ever.

Source: 18.8.0 Update Release Notes; thanks to the many excited readersĀ who sent this in!
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