Project Gorgon might not wipe before launch, adds Dwarf stretch goal


Big things are afoot for the Project Gorgon Kickstarter. The campaign, which passed its $20,000 crowdfunding goal this past Friday, put up two new stretch goals over the weekend to encourage further donations.

At $25K, the team will add a unique mount skin for backers, with those who donate $75 or more getting to try it out during testing. If the campaign hits $30K, all backers will be able to play the Dwarf race during the alpha and beta period.

In other news, the devs stated that they might not be fully wiping the servers between now and launch: “We currently have no plans for a complete server wipe at launch. However, we may reset certain skill levels and items related to the economy during testing and/or at launch. We want to encourage players to invest significant playing time during the testing phase and we view this as an incentive for them doing so.”

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