RPG MO whips up an indie free-to-play sandbox


Someone must not have spread the word that “Mo” is our thing, but that’s OK; we’re not jealous. Apparently there’s a new indie MMO on the block called RPG MO, which is now available to experience as a free-to-play early access title.

RPG MO is an isometric pixel art sandbox that offers a malleable world with player housing, tons of crafting, and 15 skills to level. The makers have stated that it’s their intent to emulate the early days of Ultima Online and RuneScape with this game.

RPG MO is already available on Steam early access. It already has 25 maps to explore, although it’s missing some of the features that will make it a full-fledged MMO, such as guilds and better animations. With 374 Steam reviews to date, it’s sitting comfortably in the “very positive” range.

Source: RPG MO, Steam
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