Skyforge’s next major update hits the live servers on November 12th

Gross, point-blank?

Thus far, the various invasions that hit the world of Skyforge have been repelled with some regularity. What would you expect? The players have access to something that the invaders don’t, seeing as how the player characters are actually deities. But the game’s next patch, Journey of the Divine, will see Invasion Avatars taking shape as challenging 10-player encounters. The playing field is getting a bit more even for the invaders, but the rewards for defeating these avatars allow players to specialize their Divine Forms.

Players who haven’t yet unlocked the Divine Form will be getting something new as well with the addition of the Pantheon Academy, a special system allowing newer players to learn from more experienced members of the community and grow their overall prestige. There are also plenty of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and the usual assortment of good things that come with a major patch. Players can expect the update on the live servers in just two weeks, as it goes live November 12th.

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