The Park will be Funcom’s first console release in nearly 10 years


Was Funcom’s Secret World-inspired single-player experiment successful? It would seem so as The Park will now be released on console, the first non-PC release for the studio in nearly 10 years. Funcom noted that The Park play-through videos received more than seven million views on YouTube during the first week after release, and come Q1 of 2016, both XBox One and PlayStation 4 players will have the chance explore the eerie Atlantic Island Park. For fans, this move hopefully also signifies that subsequent single-player experiences utilizing the setting of The Secret World will follow.

If you can’t wait until the console launch to experience the tension and horror as you walk (and run) through the amusement park as Lorraine, a mom frantically searching for her son, you can watch our full play-through below. Or, if that contains too many spoilers, you can also read up on our impressions of the game.

Source: Funcom press release
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