Make My MMO: Crowfall’s big reveal (January 2, 2016)

Make My MMO

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, crowdfunding is dead. Just kidding. But a whole lot of you said you’re not planning on Kickstarting anything in 2016. We’ll see, won’t we!

This week, Crowfall delivered on its teases and revealed its crows and vessels system for account-based character development.

Meanwhile, Pathfinder Online might have a new investor, Project Gorgon delayed its latest patch for animal town, Spatium’s Kickstarter was unsuccessful, Life is Feudal patched in weather, Dogma Eternal Night forged onward, City of Titans hinted at 2016 testing, and The Repopulation rejected blame for the Hero Engine mess.

Check out the rest of this week’s MMO crowdfunding news below.

Live campaigns

Citadel of Sorcery (MMO Magic, Inc.): Open donations, no end date. A vast, dynamic world. “Nothing is set in stone; each player will experience the game in very different ways.”

Contested Space (Zon): Kickstarter coming soon. Player-designed spaceships and stations, action-oriented combat, territory expansion and defense.

Gloria Victis (Black Eye Games): Open donations, no end date. Fantasy medieval setting with a classless system and unrestricted character development; realistic weather system. Greenlit on Steam.

Neo’s Land (NeoJac Entertainment): Open donations, no end date. Voxel-based sandbox where the community decides development by roundtable discussions.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (Visionary Realms): Open donations, no end date. Old-school fantasy MMO with focus on group content, the return of corpse runs.

Fully funded campaigns

Ascent: The Space Game (Fluffy Kitten Studios
Camelot Unchained
(City State)
Crowfall (ArtCraft) – Recent news: Testing resumes Jan 6, founder stats, big reveal
City of Titans (Missing Worlds Media) – Recent news: Testing in 2016?
Descent Underground (Descendent Studios)
Divergence Online (Ethan Casner)
Eco (Strange Loop Games)
Epic Space (
Ever, Jane (3 Turn Productions)
Infinity: Battlescape (I-Novae Studios)
HEX (HEX Entertainment)
Novus AEterno (Taitale Studios)
Pathfinder Online (GoblinWorks) – Recent news: Possible new investor
Pixel Starships (SavySoda)
Project Gorgon (Elder Game, LLC) – Recent news: Delay and animal town
Pumpkin Online (Monique)
The Repopulation (Above & Beyond Technologies) – Recent news: The blame game
Shards Online (Citadel Studios)
Shroud of the Avatar (Portalarium)
Star Citizen (Cloud Imperium) – Recent news: Debating the persistent world
TUG (Nerd Kingdom)

Abandoned post-crowdfund

Greed Monger (Greed Monger)
The Stomping Land (Alex Fundora)

Funded and launched

Elite: Dangerous (Frontier Developments) – Recent news: Google Cardboard
Guns of Icarus (Muse)

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Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs

Arrobee Hurbster Siphaed The whole RvR/PvP thing is, depending on context semantics or importance, depending on the situation. To some folks, any game where players can fight other players is PvP, and that is a no-play zone. OTOH, a lot of people like RvR better than FFA PvP because it means you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder every few minutes. That argument was one of the ones I was making back in 1999 to every publisher/writer who would listen to us. 

As to the lore, thanks Arrobee, you’re spot on. That’s one of the reasons I/we are spending so much time on it. The more interesting the lore, stories and other things that lead to a feeling of Realm Pride, the more that our game feels like a world, and an RvR-game, not a PvP game.

Mark Jacobs
Mark Jacobs

Siphaed Hey, thanks for joining us! As to still being skeptical, no worries with that at all. I need to be skeptical as well, since I’m not trying to sell unicorns and false dreams to people. And since I need to be this way, I can’t object when other people are as well, but you already know that. :)

As I always say, thanks for the support!


Hurbster Siphaed It’s an RvR game, which could be semantics, but it is an important distinction. The lore is far from wasted, it’s about time a player base focused on RvR gets the attention to detail it deserves.


Im tempted to help out Novus Aeterno since is unique.


Siphaed Fantastic, shame it’s wasted on a PvP game. All that lore too.


I broke down and backed CU over this past weekend.  The previous week’s stream really helped tip over the edge into supporting it’s development through launch (however late to the support party I am).   They’re actually developing a game: doing systems, system checks, building an engine (not lazily contracting a mass-licensed one), and a real Alpha test before going into anything else.     Skepticism still hold strong in delivery of things like an in-depth crafting system and a truly engaging player driven economy. 

Crowfall’s ‘crows and vessels’ reveal just further makes me believe it is not an MMORPG in any form of the classical.   Players don’t get a body to customize, and if they do it is a throw away one.  Instead their progression is connected to a ‘spirit’ that looks like every other spirit out there (It is a 4th wall breaking “hey, a player is puppeteer controlling these bodies on the screen”).   The only customization that sticks seems to be in the Eternal Kingdoms, which the best castles/keeps/guild fortresses are for sell in the game’s cash shop already up and running.


Luckily I avoided much of the crowdfunding feast, and it seems like it was only inevitable that there would be a backlash when some of these games ran into problems, delays, or flat out didn’t deliver.  It’s pretty east to write down what you want a game to be, throw some early screens and ask for money.  Early access is something I bit on, however, and for many of the titles, I regret doing it, especially when there are plenty of titles fully released to play.  

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  I’m looking at you, Repopulation!