SWTOR is putting lockboxes inside of other lockboxes

Star Wars: The Old Republic apparently couldn’t stand to see RIFT hogging the business model drama spotlight today and has issued a new proclamation about the “Grand Packs” currently for sale on the game’s Cartel Market cash shop.

After February’s patch 4.1, the packs will have a chance to drop a Grand Chance Cube in place of one of the usual ridable or decorative drops. BioWare writes,

“Now you are asking, what is the Grand Chance Cube? Think of it as the ultimate Grand Pack. Inside a Grand Chance Cube you have a chance to receive any available Cartel Market Pack item, including from the current Pack. Also, the Grand Chance Cube acts as a Grand Pack in that if you open an Armor Lootbox, it will contain the entire armor set, not just a few pieces.

This change allows us to place more emphasis on the Silver and Gold items in each pack, as we are no longer building new Bronze items. Now, in place of Bronze items you will receive a Grand Chance Cube. This Cube can contain the rarest of Cartel Market selections, giving you a second chance at highly-desired items.”

“Yo Dawg, we heard you like lockboxes in your lockboxes!” quipped one commenter. You might even call it… lockboxception.

There’s plenty of non-lockbox stuff coming in 4.1 as well, including changes to crafting and insta-gear.

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