Lord of the Rings Online devs prepare players for Mordor but won’t discuss license renewal

You might have heard that Lord of the Rings Online is celebrating its ninth birthday this week, especially if you were in attendance for yesterday’s epic six-hour developer livestream. During the stream, Turbine answered a few of the pressing questions that the community sent in advance, including those about the game’s direction and the issue of the Tolkein IP license.

The question that everyone seemed to want to know is whether Turbine will be able to keep the rights to the setting when it comes up for renewal next year. However, the studio is unwilling or unable to talk about whether its trying to secure the game’s intellectual property license past 2017. In all fairness, Turbine might not be able to comment on it at this time, so for now the fans will have to settle for the ambiguous answer of, “We will face that when it comes.”

Past that note of uncertainty, there were a lot of exciting tidbits for players to celebrate. Mordor is definitely the next stop for our heroes, and Turbine stopped short of officially confirming that Minas Morgul is being created (but you know, hint hint, wink wink). There is work being done on a brighter version of Minas Tirith as a future quest hub, some of the cinematics will be improved, and the coming raid will contain at least five bosses.

Turbine confirmed that no new classes or races will be added to the game and that LOTRO will continue to roll out content updates instead of expansions.

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