Hearthstone announces 50 million registered players

Yeah, it doesn't say anything good.
The latest Hearthstone expansion release coincides with another bombshell for the game, with an official announcement from Activision Blizzard boasting that the game has hit 50 million players. Granted, some of those accounts are probably multi-boxed accounts owned by the thousand coiling arms of N’Zoth, slinging cards against himself in a dark ritual of madness, but that’s still a lot of accounts.

The report does not state the exact criteria required to be counted as a registered player, so you can feel free to endlessly debate exactly how much of a success this makes Hearthstone overall. But there’s not much space to debate whether or not it is a success. And if this makes you want to log in and play, well, we certainly can’t blame you, not with the whispers of Yogg-Saron caressing our mind, haunting our dreams, beckoning us toward great plateaus of abandoned hope and cards from which a scattering of mana crystals can be heard clattering forever.

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