ARK introduces King Kong’s cousin, tribe ranks


As if the water weren’t dangerous enough after the last major patch, ARK: Survival Evolved has just added new ways to die new dinos to the deep. Schools of Sabertooth Salmon now swim the sea, tempting survivors with their prized prime meat. Folks should be careful around these giant specimens — they will swarm and drain the blood out of anyone that provokes them.

But lest you think just staying out of the water will keep you safe, on land you now have to worry about the cranky, acid-spitting centipedes. And deep in its snowy mountain lair, the mighty Megapithecus (aka King Kong’s cousin) and its monkey minions will try to crush the life out of you in this new raid boss fight. The only new creature that’s not out to kill you is the Lystrosaurus, a small herbivore that is smart enough to do tricks and offers an experience buff when tamed. You can catch a glimpse of all the new creatures in the video below.

Patch v240 also includes the Primitive Bola weapon, which is particularly useful for ensnaring and slowing down hard-to-catch smaller dinos and flyers. Additionally, member ranks finally make an appearance, allowing tribes to personalize permissions.

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