The first Warcraft movie reviews are in, and they’re not good

Flops MacKenzie

It may be that you were still holding on to some hope somewhere in your mind that Warcraft was going to be a good movie, the sort of thing that draws a whole plethora of moviegoers into playing World of Warcraft. While the film doesn’t land in the US until June 10th, advanced screenings for designated critics have already happened. And the review from Variety is about on-par with all of them, which is to say that they’re overwhelmingly negative.

With little concern for all those already perplexed at the mention of orcs and mages, “Warcraft” plunges headfirst into a fantasy realm teeming with mythical creatures, magical spells and exotically named characters and locations. It’s a take-it-or-leave-it approach likely to have most audience members opting for the latter, though devotees of the immersive role-playing source material may have an entirely different experience. If so, Universal will have to hope they storm the box office early and often. Otherwise the studio could be looking at one of the biggest duds of the summer.

On the plus side, you can log into World of Warcraft right now to earn transmog appearances based upon the movie, and they do look rather nice. So even if you don’t like the movie, at least you get a nice souvenir?

Source: Variety
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