Crowfall’s devs talk about zergs, movement, and promotions


You’ve got Crowfall questions? Well, ArtCraft’s devs have Crowfall answers! Oh, sure, maybe not to every last little query that pops into your information-starved mind, but certainly a few more than you were privy to earlier today.

In a new Q&A video, the team discusses six topics handed to them by the community: zergs, scaling, archetype promotions, testing phases, movement powers, and connecting the housing and campaign worlds. J. Todd Coleman┬ámentioned that the schedule for Crowfall has shifted due to more good stuff coming to the game: “We will end up having another milestone that will ship between now and that first campaign because there was a whole bunch of stuff that’s just coming online now relating to making the world bigger.”

Check out the 12-minute session after the jump and let us know which area interests you the most!

Source: Crowfall
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