Elder Scrolls Online delays PS4 Dark Brotherhood DLC launch

Who's dark now?

You wake up in a cold sweat in the dead of night. “Honey,” you say, “I just had the worst dream. I dreamt that The Elder Scrolls Online was delaying the Dark Brotherhood DLC on PlayStation 4 consoles until June 15th, and also you had the head of an ant.” Then you look over to your husband, and you scream, because he does have the head of an ant, and he’s holding your PlayStation 4 console with a note saying that the Dark Brotherhood DLC really was delayed! It wasn’t a dream!

It’s a horror story that could happen to you. Except for the part about the ant-headed husband and the note on the console. That stuff was all nonsense. But the DLC really has been delayed until the 15th due to unforeseen issues. Xbox One and PC players won’t have to suffer through this delay, so you’ll have to hope that any of your friends on different platforms can avoid being smug about it.


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