Blade & Soul shows off the new Soul Fighter class

Fight that soul.

At long last, players of Blade & Soul will be able to properly fight souls with the new Soul Fighter class. It’s a class that does nothing but fight souls. Or it’s a class that uses its soul to fight, that’s also a possibility. Considering the fact that it’s a hybrid ranged and melee class that swaps back and forth between roles as the situation warrants, that seems a bit more likely.

The Soul Fighter’s whole routine is about swapping back and forth by dashing in and out of danger, peppering opponents with frosty powers, then moving in to lay down some righteous hand-to-hand strikes. It’s very dynamic and engaging, and dedicated fighters of souls will find plenty to like in the class overview and the video just below. If you can’t decide between punching and shooting things, this might be just the right class for you.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Qarran for the tip!

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