Marvel Heroes adds playable Ultron, extends anniversary event through July 4 holiday

''Keep saying you don't like us while supporting what we do, haha, it all pays dividends for us and we don't care.''

Marvel Heroes’s big patch today was meant to conclude the game’s anniversary event, but Gazillion is extending the festivities through the 4th of July holiday. “Once the clock strikes midnight on July 4th, the anniversary event will conclude, so stock up on cake slices while you can!” says the studio. “The anniversary event vendor will remain in-game for 1 week after the conclusion of the anniversary event for players to spend any remaining cake slices.”

Today’s update also has some content! Ultron joins the game’s roster as its 58th playable toon, along with two new Captain America costumes — including the female version from an alternate superhero future. The studio is also teasing future content, including the new Spider-Man team-up, a visual upgrade for Hulk, and the remainder of the dynamic combat level system.

Ultron’s trailer is below.

Source: Press release, official site. Cheers, Nordavind!
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