Star Citizen’s celebratory Around the Verse features the Bengal Carrier


Star Citizen is continuing its rollout of a three-part Around the Verse in celebration of its 100th episode. Sandi Gardiner is joined this week by Erin Roberts, who gives a lengthy walkthrough of Foundry Forty-Two, which is working on the persistent universe, UI, Q&A, and other aspects of the game. Eagle-eyed Star Citizens have already dissected that part of the video, puzzling out screens and post-its to nail down a ship list teaser, UI concepts, and even design philosophy.

The big reveal, however, focuses on the massive Bengal Carrier, which is being worked on by seven different artists at the moment. It’s big. That reveal starts around 26 minutes in. Hype!

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UI pics from the latest fault.

Source: Around the Verse, Imperial News Network. Cheers, I-Spy!
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