TERA kicks off its summer events all over again

This is summer! Or pop. It's something.
Summer is here, and the weather outside is sunny, sticky, and unpleasant. Why not stay indoors and enjoy a virtual summer with none of those issues? TERA is re-running several summer events, giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy some fun in the simulated sun starting today. For example, you could hop into the Festival of the Sun, clearing out beasts from the temple of the sun and then harvesting frozen treats from actual blocks of ice.

Not really that interested in that? It’s all right; maybe you’d prefer to just enjoy a beach party. Man a splash cannon, smash watermelons like you’re an obscure comedian, and build some sandcastles. The beach party event is limited to characters level 48 or above, but the Festival of the Sun is open to everyone. So hop into the game for summer fun and enjoy the events going on until the summer festivities come to a close on August 16th.


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