Star Trek Online sends players back in time for mining

Yes, this is definitely dirt.
Time travel is always a mess. In the past, Captain Kirk of the Enterprise brokered peace with the Gorn Hegemony, resulting in a peaceful mining operation on Edren IV. All well and good. But the operation came under attack from Romulan forces… that appear to be influenced by time travelers, thus necessitating you traveling back in time in Star Trek Online to deal with the Romulan incursion. You’d think that someone would have noticed by now that messing with the past never turns out well.

Miner Instabilities is a new PvE queue for level 51+ players, tasking captains with rescuing the Gorn miners, repelling the attack on the Federation facility, and attacking the Romulan forces on multiple fronts. It offers Fleet Marks and Temporal Marks as rewards, thus giving players plenty of reason to head back and solve a problem that technically should qualify as already solved by the time anyone hears about it. Time travel is just plain weird.