Elder Scrolls Online’s Shadows of the Hist DLC goes live


If the world seems a little darker and a smidge more dangerous today, do not fret: It simply means that Elder Scrolls Online has rolled out its newest DLC pack, Shadows of the Hist.

Whether or not you purchase the pack (which is priced at 1,500 crowns for non-subscribers), you’ll be treated to a base game patch that includes several improvements to Hel Ra Citadel and Aetherian Archive, purchasable dyes, tweaks to the Dragonstar Arena, a champion point cap increase, and capturable towns in Cyrodiil. Players can also pony up some extra crowns to change their character’s name, appearance, and even race with the new style parlor.

The DLC itself has a lot more to offer, naturally. The delicious pain begins with the Cradle of Shadows and Ruins of Mazzatun dungeons, followed up with new monster masks, item sets, and motifs.

Massively OP’s Larry Everett will be streaming ESO again later this afternoon, so stay tuned! We’ve embedded last week’s dungeon tour of the DLC below.



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