Dual Universe drums up interest for its coming Kickstarter


Dual Universe is still eyeing a Kickstarter campaign later this year, but right now the team is priming the pump of fandom, so to speak, with convention appearances and new videos. In the game’s August newsletter, the team recapped some of its accomplishments to date, encouraged guilds to check out the new community portal, and said that the crowdfunding details will be revealed at PAX West.

The team said that it has lots in store for this month: “We will release several more other videos during the month of August: one about the massively multiplayer single-shard technology, one about the voxel mechanics and one, more gameplay-oriented, where we will show you how to build a minimalistic spaceship from scratch (with a few surprises about the voxel tools!).”

Craving a new video right here, right now? Dual Universe did just pump out a quick tech demo showing some of the atmospheric lighting in the game. Check it out below.

Source: Newsletter
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