The Rising returns to Final Fantasy XIV for three years of operation

Please, no scary version of Answers this time?
August 27th will mark three years since Final Fantasy XIV‘s successful relaunch, and it should come as no surprise that the game is celebrating the event. The annual anniversary celebration, The Rising, returns to the game on Saturday and will run until September 12th, offering players a chance to look back on the past year, prepare for the next, and of course pick up some rewards along the way.

This year’s prizes are minion based on two important story NPCs (Krile and Y’shtola) as well as house decorations, a new style of firework, and a new Orchestrion roll. The event starts with the Crystal Caravan leader in Ul’dah, looking for more information about the events of the Calamity and the heroes of that time in Eorzea’s history. Get ready to celebrate the past and look forward to the future.


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