Worlds Adrift’s alpha playtest: Stealing boats and killing mynocks


Worlds Adrift’s recent 48-hour alpha playtest has come and gone, and Bossa Studios¬†would like to thank everyone who showed up and tried to wreck the servers. The team streamed and narrated a couple of hours from the alpha; during the recording, the the developers manage to steal a player’s ship, glide around, and fight mynocks (not really, but kinda) with a hand-crossbow, among other amusements. There are several nice demos of the inventory and crafting system too.

We’ve also tucked in the two player videos and the recent Bossa community video, during which the studio reveals the results of some of its player polls regarding whether they’re personally interested in game development and which parts if so. (“Boo, marketing!” should be the company’s new slogan.)

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