Massively OP accepts the SMITE charity challenge

Video games can be a selfish pleasure, but we often help out others in various ways when we play, like assisting with quests and dungeons or sharing advice and equipment. But what if your gaming could actually help someone outside the game?

That’s what Hi-Rez Studios is doing with its upcoming SMITE charity challenge. It’s a specially created PvE raiding challenge where teams will fight bosses one after another and see just how long they can survive. The object is to get to the top of the challenge’s leaderboard to earn the top amount for your charity of choice, but every participating team will earn at least $1,000 — and that includes us.

The challenge begins up September 15th, and Massively OP’s own MJ Guthrie will be diving in to earn a donation for MOP’s selected charity, AbleGamers. She may be relatively new to the game, but she’s going to give it her all. She’ll also need four more folks to round out her team (and *ahem* help carry her through!). Do you want to participate? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us why you’d be a great addition. We’ll also be streaming our progress, so be sure to watch the streaming calendar and follow on OPTV once the festivities begin!

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