Smed adds family inheritance to Hero’s Song’s to-do list


If you missed our live Hero’s Song interview with John Smedley on OPTV, you missed a couple of tantalizing tidbits. One involved family ties and inheritance. Since the game focuses heavily on bloodlines, it would make sense that a character who perma-dies (upon the second death) can reroll as someone from the character’s own lineage. And Smedley said they are already adding that option to game. But what about that house you carefully decorated? Can family inherit property or belongings? “I like that idea enough to just straight up say we’re going to do that,” Smedley declared. Since the idea was just broached, it obviously won’t be available for the first phase of Early Access, but players can expect it in the future.

Smedley also divulged that in order for players to ascend in game, they will have to collect pieces and put together a special item; devs will share more about this process when the story involving the item is completed. Additionally, boats are expected about the two-month mark of early access, but housing will be implemented first.

There’s plenty more where this came from. To hear the answers to all of the audience’s questions, you can kickback and enjoy the rerun of the entire interview, complete with plenty of gameplay. Then be ready to dive in and play: Alpha 3 will start by the end of the month, and Early Access begins in early November.