Star Trek Online rolls out Agents of Yesterday: Artifacts

Does everything have to be artifacts these days, everywhere?
The Temporal Cold War has wrapped up in Star Trek Online… for now, anyhow. That’s the thing about time travel; it never really ends, exactly. But it’s time for players to move on to other things, and the newest update to Agents of Yesterday centers around exactly that. Players can start up the new storyline centering around the tentative steps of the Lukari into the big galaxy of exploration, with a different award available each week starting with a Nausicaan disruptor array.

If the storyline alone isn’t enough for you, you can also take part in constructing a new fleet holding. And it’s all going to look a lot better, as the various graphical enhancements provided for Star Trek Online on consoles are now available on the desktop as well. So it’s a better-looking galaxy full of strange new worlds to explore, and who could ask for more?

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