Tiger Knight brings large-scale combat to Steam early access


If you have ever wanted to experience a larger scope of warfare in your online games, or you are a fan of the Mount and Blade series, then you might want to start paying attention to Tiger Knight. This Chinese game, developed by NetDragon, promises to create massive battlefields in which players can lead small armies of their own into the fight.

Tiger Knight contains four historical factions —¬†Han Dynasty, Kushan Empire, Parthian Empire, and Roman Empire — and hundreds of types of weapons and armor. It’s not exactly clear how players will be able to command multiple troops at a time, although the game promises that you will be able to mount up personally and ride into battle.

The game just went into early access on Steam and can be played for free, although there is the option to purchase VIP passes. Check out Tiger Knight’s screenshots and trailer below!

Source: Steam. Thanks Ciciro!
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