Dogma: Eternal Night on project funding and making NPCs come alive through dialogue


Dogma: Eternal Night has a new dev blog out this week on something a lot of people never notice because they’re too busy clicking past it: dialogue windows. In roleplay heavy games, however, the UI for talking to NPCs really matters.

“The visual part was left practically unchanged: you still see a dialogue window, just like on previous screenshots,” explains Prelude Games Factory. “The idea is also the same: you can determine the character’s status via heart rate scale. Using it, you can find out how the character will react to your next remark. However, we removed the limitation of “steps” in the dialogues. Right now, the player can talk to NPCs for as long as he wants, until the character’s status reaches critical level and he refuses to continue the conversation.” NPCs will eventually animate while speaking.

Earlier this month, Prelude opened up a Patreon to help fund the game following its Kickstarter’s unhappy ending; the team says it’s working on reaching its $15,000 stretch goal next month. “While that sum is still not enough for full-scale work on the project, we will try to allocate these funds to the max,” the team writes.

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