WildStar brings back the dungeon chase event

Chasing something that's not going anywhere.

Do you like hunting the most dangerous prey in all of Nexus? Then you’ll want to jump in for WildStar‘s returning Dungeon Chase event, which gives players extra incentive to take on dungeons with friends (or strangers) by adding in special currency and more rewards. Players can earn Small Game Scraps which can be traded up for Big Game Bucks which, in turn, can be exchanged for exclusive housing decor items. How do you earn this stuff? Well… you clear dungeons. That’s kind of already implied.

Players can also exchange Omnibits or just outright purchase Big Game Bucks from the game’s store; there are also special item packs available in the store to coincide with the event. The whole event starts up on November 11th and lasts until November 21st, so if you’re eager to pick up the rewards from dungeons or just from the store, you’d better get geared up and ready to go now.

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