Revelation Online releases bug tracker to help with closed beta testing

Currently, players are getting to see if Revelation Online is living up to its own hype as they put the MMO through its paces in the closed beta. The test still has a ways to go, as it is scheduled to conclude on November 17th, but before it ends, the team is hoping that it can enlist the community’s help in tracking down bothersome bugs that plague the title.

In today’s closed beta update, NetEase announced that it had released a public bug tracker that will allow current testers a clear way to enter in issues and see how (or if) they are dealt with by the developers. The studio also┬áinformed players that founder’s pack items will be given out during the upcoming open beta, but for now they will remained tucked away.

The team reported that work continues to progress on the monumental task of localization: “There are over 9,000,000 Chinese characters within the game as text strings. There are almost 1,000 user interface files that need to be translated, resized, and reworked, and hundreds of 2-D art pieces that contain text in some form or another. You will be able to see our translation improvements take shape during the closed beta phases.”