Dark and Light may be a smaller MMO than its previous version


Snail Games’ Dark and Light revival project might not be as massive as its earlier incarnation, according to a new interview.

“We’re not quite ready to commit to a hard number, but server population will be far less than traditional MMOs,” said Associate Producer Jonathon Stebel to WCCFtech. “Early access is going to help us stress test our servers to see exactly what we can handle in terms of max player cap per server. To help clear things up a little bit, Dark and Light should be thought of more as an open world multiplayer fantasy game with survival/MMO aspects, rather than an MMO with survival aspects.”

Those fearing a hardcore survival experience will be glad to hear that Dark and Light won’t be as brutal as some other games in the genre. The interview also touched on a few of Dark and Light’s features, such as fast travel (via teleportation portals), underwater exploration, and air combat (“Definitely possible,” teased Stebel).

Source: WCCFtech. Thanks Stefano!
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